Windsor Button Classes Extended Through April 13

It turns out that there will be one more week of classes than I previously expected. I will be teaching through the final store closing date of Saturday, April 13.  I hope to see you there on Thursday or Saturday!

The store is now in their final phase of markdown and clearance. While they have run out of some highly coveted items, they still have more yarn in stock than most other yarn stores I know of.  (I am told the back stock in the basement is still about equal to the stock they have out on the floor!)  So please come, allow lots of time for shopping, and help Susan and Stan during this difficult time by giving a home to as many of their beautiful products as you can – at an excellent price!

No Windsor Button Classes this Week – 3/28 & 3/30

I will not be teaching this week on Holy Thursday or Holy Saturday, but will return the following week for what may turn out to be our last week. Hope to see you there!

Boston’s Windsor Button to Close

One day about six months after I lost my husband, I found myself heading to Downtown Crossing to interview for a job after a couple of decades as a  mother and homemaker. Not being used to taking the T I allowed more than enough time before my appointment, so I started to wander around the vicinity.  The first store I came to on the street was Windsor Button!  I took it as a sign that this job was meant to be.

I was hired, and often after I would dash over for mental health breaks to pet the yarn.  Many a beautiful skein that might never have had occasion to tempt me successfully pleaded to come home with me. Eventually I came to teach the knitting and crochet classes there, which I have enjoyed tremendously, and also to write for their e-mail newsletter.

But nothing lasts forever.  Thanks Susan and Stan for giving me a creative home and voice for the past few years! Thanks for all the beautiful products you have made available, and all the beautiful projects you have made possible. All the best to you in the future.

I am hoping that many of those who have taken my classes are finding their way over to this blog.  Welcome!  I’d like to keep in touch! I don’t know what might be possible for me next, but I do know that I want to continue to teach somehow.

(And also to keep that job!)

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