The Banded Expanded Heel Turn – Part 3


Note:  As you work the band, leave all your markers in place. You’ll need them later.

You have completed Wedge 1 and you are ready to work in the round on the right side.  Make note of how the stitches clump together in pairs.  The stitch closest to the back of the heel in each pair is a normal stitch.  Its partner is a stitch you slipped after turning. Knit up to the first slipped stitch. You will now knit that stitch together with the stitch below it. The easiest way to do this is to use your right needle tip to raise the lower stitch onto the left needle, with the right leg forward.  (In other words, in a normal stitch mount.) Then knit those two stitches together.  Continue all the way around in this fashion, knitting each slipped stitch together with the stitch below. (This is the “Thanks, Ma!” stitch in Cat Bordhi’s terminology.)

Now continue working rounds of stockinette until the band is the width you desire, somewhere between half an inch and one inch. If you can try on the sock, you want the band to nestle nicely right into the bend at the top of your foot. No need to overthink it.  You should stop at the center back of the heel.

Easy-peasy! Ready for another wedge?


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